The Live Wire…

         “The aim of argument or discussion should

                                            not be victory, but progress”
                                                -Joseph joubert-
Now tell me. How many of you people, agree to what has been said above?. Raise you hands all of you!! doesn’t matter because I won’t be able to see you guys, anyways thank you. As I was saying panel discussions often help people discover the truth about the agenda. And it also helps you by giving you an idea of what you should do ahead. It also gives you a fair idea about the person speaking in front of you. Live Wire was a set of rounds of panel discussions at Lemon. The last round was conducted on 18.10.2015 (Sunday). Four start-ups from the city were invited for panel discussion on the agenda of entrepreneurial journeys and the things that lie in it. The first start-up belonged to Gopal Sharma the Co-founder of (still in ideation), the 2nd start-up was Resumeitup by Baldev Singh Rawat, 3rd member was Saket Chourasia from Entrepreneur’s cafe. He is a practicing CA and is planning to take his entrepreneurial plunge soon, the 4th panelist Mr. Rachit Bhatt, owns a brand of apparently what he calls “Organic Clothing”. Rachit is a very inspirational speaker, which is surprising to see because of the young age he is very successful at. Baldev reacalled quotes of famous people he said he follows. Some of them were quotes of a famous Prof. in London which surely were interesting. Our one man army Mr Saket Chourasia, shared with us, the fruitful wisdom of team building. Our GoodYara guy Mr. Gopal Sharma, shared with us of how he left the United States to come and contribute as an Indian. He tells that one of his sources of inspiration was Shahrukh Khan’s “Swadesh” (a very good movie indeed). All in all it was one of the most memorable sessions at Lemon.
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