The longest and the busiest day for Lemon School Entrepreneurs CAMP DAY-01

It is well said that Experience is a hard teacher because it gives the test first, the lesson afterwards. Nature provides three major means to get knowledge i.e observation of nature, it’s reflection and then the experimentation. Observation collects the real facts; reflection combines them with your values or beliefs whereas experimentation verifies the result of that combination.

With the strong motivation to build physical and mental endurance and make us rough and tough for the hurdles that lay ahead in our entrepreneurial journey, LSE decided to take us to the Outward Bound Bharat Camp located near Wadgaon Dam, Nagpur. And to our astonishment, we had the best next few days there, spending time with nature and unleashing the immense potential every cohort possessed.

Mr. Abhijeet Bobde, In-charge of Outward Bound Bharat rightly mentioned three forms of learning – theoretical learning, learning through failures and experiential learning. We cannot capture every learning we learn in the classroom but the activities we undertook here exposed us to the true learnings that we could easily grasp and gained some important aspects that every one of us should have to improve our lives. Each activity taught us so many important lessons of life. Activities such as Helium ring taught us the importance of proper co-ordination and communication, Wall and net climbing helped us to overcome our fears and explore the risk-taking capabilities and build self-confidence. An exciting adventure of River-rafting helped us understand the importance of team coordination and leadership qualities. Every minute spent there envisaged an immaculate energy and hope in every individual.

The real experience and insights of some the young minds who went for Sahas Camp are exemplary. The energetic Web Beta team, who is already on its entrepreneurial path shares, “Qualities that we have learnt from this OBB include team-support, team spirit, confidence in self as well faith among the team.” An enthusiastic cohort, Pavan Sai quotes-

“Whenever there is RISK under bottom, just maintain SMILE on face,

FOCUS on your Goal and Just Move forward”. Another courageous cohort Maitri says, “Being the only female member in the 20-member team, I was quite hesitant to come for this camp. But I am so grateful that I came to this camp, which will definitely take me long in my career.”

Assimilating the virtues to grow up as an individual with high self-esteem in life can be effectively done through experiential learning, which is also considered to be the most pleasant method. Cumulatively, after this adventurous every cohort felt that such kind of activities should be conducted quite often.

– Maitri, Akhilesh and Akash

LSE Cohorts, 2016